WiseVue is an iPhone®, iPad®,  and iPod touch®  application to view IP cameras through WiseCast.

WiseVue brings the video surveillance technology from the users’ desktop to their mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad to monitor security 365x24x7.

WiseVue enables IP cameras operating in MPEG-4, H.264 mode to be viewed on iPhone and iPod touch. WiseVue receives images and video from WiseCast application running on a PC. A combination of WiseCast and WiseVue makes it possible to keep your IP camera in MPEG-4 / H.264 mode and view live images and video on your mobile device.


WiseVue Features:

· Live streaming video — Up to 25 / 30 frames per second using HTTP streaming from IP camera through WiseCast

· Pinch and zoom live images

· No need to enter each camera access details on mobile device. Camera access details are stored on WiseCast server.

· Supports dyndns.org type IP addresses

· Multi View provides 9 camera view in one screen—Total 18 cameras in two screens.

· Single View provides full screen view.

· Simple swipe action to scroll through all cameras

· PTZ control—Pan, Tilt, Zoom for supported IP cameras.

· Focus Control —  Auto, Manual Focus control for supported IP cameras

Download WiseVue Application form the App Store


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Streaming Live Video From IP Camera to iPhone and iPad

Typical Applications:

ACTi iPhone— View ACTi camera on iPhone.

ACTi iPad—View ACTi camera on iPad.

Basler iPhone—View Basler camera on iPhone.

Basler iPad—View Basler camera on iPad.

Video Surveillance iPhone—View IP camera on iPhone.

Video Surveillance iPad—View IP camera on iPad.

Network Camera iPhone—View Network camera on iPhone

Network Camera iPad—View Network camera on iPad

IP Camera iPhone—View IP camera on iPhone

IP Camera iPad—View IP Camera on iPad

H.264 Camera iPhone—View H.264 camera on iPhone

H.264 Camera iPad—View H.264 camera on iPad

MPEG4 Camera iPhone— View MPEG4 camera on iPhone

ONVIF Camera iPhone—View ONVIF compliant camera on iPhone

ONVIF Camera iPad—View ONVIF compliant camera on iPad


MPEG4 Camera iPad—View MPEG4 camera on iPad