Frequently Asked Questions


01 What is the difference between image streaming and video streaming?

̃ Image streaming is done in jpeg mode and it provides 1 to 3 frames per second dependent on WiseCast server’s ISP bandwidth.

̃ Video streaming is done using H.264 video codec and it provides up to 25 / 30 frames per second limited by camera’s video specifications.














02 Why do I need WiseCast software to see my IP camera on my iPhone?

̃ Most of the cameras can be accessed using Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad. For each camera you need to enter user name and password to access a camera. WiseCast / WiseVue makes it painless to see 18 cameras on your iPhone / iPad without entering access details for each camera.

̃ Many of the IP cameras do not provide images displayable on iPhone / iPad when these cameras are set to record in MPEG4 / H.264 mode. These modes are required for efficient management of video files on your DVR / Server software. WiseCast lets you operate your camera in MPEG4 / H.264 mode and provide iPod / iPhone live images and live streaming video.

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Streaming Live Video From IP Camera to iPhone and iPad