About Us

Founded in January 2006, WiseDV Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation based in San Diego with offices in India and England.

WiseDV developed a live viewing broadcast system and a portable wireless multimedia player for live sporting events. These systems were successfully deployed in 2007 and 2008 at the US Open Tennis Tournament, US Open Golf, Ryder Cup and other events.


Atul Anandpura—Founder and CEO

Anandpura founded WiseDV Inc. in January 2006 to develop Wireless Interactive Sports Entertainment Digital Video systems. Anandpura has 26 Years of experience in designing, developing, managing world wide development teams, and manufacturing and marketing consumer electronics products, software systems and video technologies. 

Anandpura has worked to develop products and business for Maxon Systems — UK, Maycom Europe — London, e.Digital Corporation — San Diego. Anandpura started Maycom Europe Ltd. in 1996 to develop portable digital products. Anandpura joined e.Digital as VP of Research and Development and was promoted to President / CEO and director in Jul '04. At e.Digital Anandpura was in charge of development of a portable In-Flight Entertainment product, MP3 players and other multimedia players.

Atul’s patent development experience include portable in-flight video entertainment product, Wireless In-Flight Entertainment Product, Connected TV, and Live event enhancement technologies and products.  Atul holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from MS University, Vadodara, India


Sunil  Solanki—Sr. Hardware Design Engineer

Sunil is one of the founding member of WiseDV since its inception in Jan 2006. He has spent nearly 14 years developing hardware for novel, advanced multimedia, wireless, and communications systems. At WiseDV, he designs and develops complete hardware design, industrial design, user interface design (GUI), oversees mechanical development, handles offshore manufacturing and mass productions of all the company's products. He also leads the technical projects on Video conferencing, IP video surveillance, Connected TV domain at WiseDV. Sunil served at e.Digital Corp where he was responsible for hardware design and development, manufacturing and high volume production of the first commercially available handheld In-Flight Entertainment devices (digEplayer and eVU). Previously, he held Electrical Engineer position at Invensys plc, San Diego and developed network connected power supply board and its ecosystem.  He started his career with GE Medical System. India, where he was designing and developing a subsystem for C-arm color image processing board. He holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from Lukhdhariji Engineering College, Saurashtra University, Morbi, India. He holds one US patent and one pending patent.

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